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Happiness (Englisch) von charlottee

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Von charlottee

Happiness is waking up and not being able to wait to get out of bed and live your life. Happiness is forgetting to eat because you're so into whatever you're doing. It's not wanting to sleep because your life is better than any dream could ever be. Happiness is being with the people you love and knowing that nothing else matters because you're together. Happiness is feeling the prickling sun warm up your skin in summer. It's laughing until your stomach hurts and smiling until your cheeks ache. Happiness is not being scared because everything is okay. It’s taking someone’s hand and then doing the one thing you have been wanting to do forever. Happiness is knowing who you are and being fine with that. It's looking at someone knowing that nothing could ever change the relationship you have. Happiness is feeling a physical flutter in your chest because there's nothing weighing your heart down. It’s not getting lost in your thoughts. Happiness is your life feeling like one of those cheesy montages in bad movies. Happiness is hearing the bells ring on Christmas Day. It's smelling the soft scent of freshly baked bread. It's not caring about making your clothes dirty because memories are more important than things. Happiness is running until your legs won't take you any further but never feeling the pain. Happiness is living the moment. It's being bold. It's being brave. Happiness is being you.

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